Moses HewetsonSystems Development & IT

When Moses isn’t braving 1 metre swells on his surfboard, or shooting Fail Army outtakes on his skateboard, he spends his spare time unconfiguring computers at MLC and laying cabling that network engineers tidy up later.

Moses is renowned for spearheading complex projects like the “set up Big TV in Sales office 2016-2017”, due for completion in 2019.

Moses is an advocate for style, and has often won the MLC Award for best dressed on Mufti Day and is currently campaigning for the reduction of microbeads used in hair gel after clogging the entire wastewater system in Motueka with shower run-off with these microscopic particles.

Aside from indeterminate skill in the world of IT, Moses is a confident speaker and provides hours of entertainment vehemently taking the opposing view to anything that dares venture from Josh’s mouth in his presence.

When starting up the mirror imaging of the backup on the backup servers project Moses still holds the company record for starting work 2 hours before he got up and cramming a 12 hour shift into 8 hours on site.